The Back-Up Trust


The Back-Up Trust is a charity which runs activity courses to aid the rehabilitation of people paralysed by spinal injury.  We asked for our latest grant to be used to increase the provision of activity courses designed for children under 18.  In the past we have also supported their courses for young adults (18 to 25), youth mentoring scheme, and young people's e-forum.

This work really can make a difference.  The parent of a 15-year old explained: "My son is getting on really well - he's back at school, looking for a summer job, seeing his mates again, and we can definitely say that the Back-Up course was the real turning point for him".

A 16-year old on one of the courses said: "The week showed how independent I can really be and has been a key element in me deciding to go to university".

Another teenager said: "I am more independent as a result of going on the course, and that will help me, possibly as far ahead as leaving home!".

For more information about The Back-Up Trust, visit their web site:


The Back-Up Trust Youth Programme