Street Doctors


Violence is the third leading cause of death among young people in Europe. 

Street Doctors is a charity that was founded in 2008 by medical students in Liverpool, after they realized that the majority of the 11- to 16-year-old young offenders attending a general first-aid class they were teaching had known someone who had been stabbed or shot – or had been a victim themselves.

Equipping these young people with practical first aid skills can save lives, as well as helping to change their attitude towards violence, and at the same time increasing their confidence and aspirations.

Liverpool was the birthplace of Street Doctors but from there it has expanded annually and now hundreds of volunteer medical students and doctors teach life-saving first aid to thousands of at risk young people aged from about 11 to about 25 years, at seventeen locations around the British Isles.

Our grants aim to help them continue to increase the number of young people they reach.

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Help save lives - help change lives.