Red Balloon


When it was established in Cambridge in 1996, Red Balloon was the only centre in the UK set up specifically to help bullied children by means of a short-term educational and therapeutic programme.  Once the students have regained their confidence and are able to cope academically and socially, Red Balloon supports them in their return to mainstream school, their entry to further education, or to employment.

As one parent said: Ally’s gone from a young girl, confused, angry, off the rails and out to harm herself to a much happier, smiley, fun-loving young lady looking forward to life and aiming high”.

As one student said: “I attended Red Balloon for a little over two years.  Looking at my past self, it is difficult to properly perceive how far I have come in that space of time”.

Our grants have helped Red Balloon increase the number of children they are helping, to open new branches, and to stock their libraries.  Since our first grant to the first Red Balloon Learner Centre in Cambridge in 2006, other centres have opened in London, Norwich, and Reading, and their online project, “Red Balloon of the Air”, began operations in March 2011. 

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Red Balloon Learner Centres