Magic Breakfast


Magic Breakfast delivers free, nutritious breakfast food daily to thousands of vulnerable children (23,500 in 2015) at more than 480 schools in UK where 35% or more of the pupils come from homes in which the family income is less than £16,190 per annum (the national average is 18%). 

In a 2015 survey of staff at participating schools, designed to evaluate the impact of breakfast provision: 96% reported increased energy levels/alertness among pupils who attend breakfast club; 95% reported improved concentration levels; 90% reported improved punctuality; 88% reported improved behaviour; and 84% reported improved educational attainment.

As one teacher said: "One boy’s behaviour was so bad we were about to exclude him. Before I did, I thought, let’s just try asking him to breakfast club. It was magic – he settled. He was just hungry. So simple."

Our grants have paid for more than 34,000 healthy breakfasts (click here for photos).

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Magic Breakfast