Jo & Emma


Jo R-M wrote:

On Saturday 14th September 2013, Emma Temple and I set out on a 40-mile bike ride in honour of what would have been Alex’s 40th birthday that monthEmma and I found a route that would take us a mile for every year Alex would have lived and which would incorporate (we discovered 5 miles into the journey) the very path we had trodden 20 years ago when we were all at school together.  Unfortunately, since we only got around to organising ourselves last Thursday, we’d failed to do any training whatsoever.  And so it was with some trepidation that we set off in the drizzle from Guildford to Shoreham-on-Sea via the Downs Link bridle path.  Lessons learned en route:


a)  When cycling on overgrown bridle paths, through brambles and knee-high nettles, it’s a good idea not to be wearing shorts.

b)   Just because you’ve found a route that consists mostly of an old railway line, it doesn’t mean the whole 40 miles will be flat.

c)    Pack more than one peanut butter and jelly sandwich each to eat.

d)   It’s a good idea to study your map carefully before you set off – you might just save yourself 3 miles of steep, muddy, bramble-and-nettle-filled hell if you do.

e)    40 miles might end up taking a whole lot longer than the promised 4½ hours it says on the website – in fact, it might just take 3 hours longer.....

Anyway, we did it!  We got lost, stung, hungry, thirsty and very nearly missed our train home but – we did it!

Raised more than £1,000 for the Foundation . . .