India 2011


Laura and Clare cycled round India

Laura Brooks (nickname Brooksy or Premo) and her friend Clare Gorczynska (nickname Doggy or Chubby) planned to cycle around the coast of India from Mumbai to Chennai. They wanted to find a charity that helped young people who haven't had the opportunities that they have had, and we are delighted that they chose to raise money for The Alex Roberts-Miller Foundation. Starting from Mumbai on 7th January 2011, they reached Chennai on 28th March, after a journey of more than 1,900 miles (or 3,100 kilometres). They raised more than £2,100 for the Foundation.

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Jan 5-6: flew from London to Mumbai

Jan 7-20: cycled from Mumbai to Goa

Jan 30: reached Mangalore, Karnataka

Feb 6: reached Fort Kochi, Kerala

Feb 17: reached the southern tip of India

Feb 26: inland at Kodaikanal, altitude 7,000ft

Mar 2: they reached Madurai

Mar 19: spent a few days in Pondicherry

Mar 28: they reached Chennai.

A journey of more than 1,900 miles!

Laura and Clare